About us

We are two friends with a passion for cooking and good Italian wines.
We founded La Dolce Italia to share this passion with you and share our passion with you..

"That's why we offer you products exclusively from small Italian family businesses - or in short: the best of Italian wine and food production. At least in our opinion! "

- Stefan & Olinto


Italian culture and the prevailing Mediterranean climate have contributed to the evolution of Italian cuisine to what it is today. Italian food and wines are one of the main factors in Italy's attractiveness as a holiday destination.

That's exactly how we got inspired by the creation of La Dolce Italia - the taste, the fragrance and not least the landscape of Italy.

We love the good wine and the good food - but above all we love to discover the secrets of small producers and family businesses. Unfortunately, these are usually unable to establish themselves outside your region: Something we want to change with La Dolce Italia.